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Then you don't want to miss South Florida Business Journal's seminar: Internet Marketing for Profit!

South Florida Business Journal has partnered with Dynamic Seminar Group to show you how to:

Special guest speakers: Jay Berkowitz, author, The Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing

Also: Darren Cleveland, Managing Partner of The Ad Doctors "email Marketing is back! How to build your permission based email"
Phil Giagrande, GCI Media, Inc. on "Designing a website for success!"

When: December 7, 2006
Time: 8:00 am to 10:30 am
Where: Sheraton Hotel, Fort Lauderdale at I-95 and Griffin Rd.
Cost: $99 per person. Includes a 1 Year subscription to SFBJ, $100 of Google Advertising, FREE Domain Name from, Three Fantastic Presentations, Networking Breakfast and Mini-Trade show.
RSVP: Call Maureen D'Silva at 954-949-7579. Attendees must register in advance for this event!

Local Firms Will Show Companies How to Make Money on the Internet


Marketing your clients through email is a cost effective way to get your advertisement or offer to your clients instantly. Unlike other forms of marketing, email marketing is fully track able and instantaneous, send an email today see the results tomorrow. The Internet has created many new forms of advertising and ways to advertise when compared to traditional mediums like print, mail, radio and television. Email marketing and the Internet has given the average small company the ability to get exposure globally when previously impossible. Companies now can sell products and services worldwide without ever having to come face to face or talking with their customers, a little impersonal, maybe, economically beneficial, DEFINITELY.

Benefits of Email Marketing:

Opt In Email Marketing
With privacy a concern of the new marketing age you have to be careful on who you market your advertisement to and how you go about doing so. Opt In marketing is soliciting persons whom have granted permission to a company, person, network or other to receive information or offers from such entity at some point in time, a person is Opted In is when they pass their private information such as name, address, phone number and email address to an entity and acknowledges that they are allowing that entity to pass information to that person. With bulk mailing and spam on the rise you want to be sure when using electronic forms of marketing that you are marketing to Opt In subscribers. Using email marketing can cut cost; allow instant responses as well as measuring effectiveness of each offer or advertisement that is sent. Using Opt In emails to market your company or service is an effective and efficient way to get your offers in front of millions of interested buyers/ future clients for a fraction of the cost of any other form of marketing.

Characteristics of Opt Email Campaigns:

Can Spam Compliancy:
The Ad Doctors are 100% Can Spam Compliant and guarantees ALL campaigns are sent in complance with the recent Can Spam Act of 2003. This new law effective January 1, 2004 has five principle obligations of companies sending email, they are listed below:

*A commercial e-mail must include the sender’s valid physical postal address.

*The sender must provide a clear and conspicuous notice as to how the recipient can opt out of further commercial e-mail from the sender. The method for providing this notice can be a functioning e-mail address (or another technique, such as a hot link to an opt-out website) that a recipient can use to opt out of future communications; the method must remain operational for 30 days after the e-mail is sent.

*Senders have ten business days within which to start honoring opt-out requests.

*Commercial e-mails cannot contain false header information or false subject line information.

*Senders cannot transfer to third parties the e-mail addresses of individuals who have opted out.

"Transaction and relationship messages" are specifically excluded from the law’s requirements (except those requirements that ban deceptive e-mail techniques). The term "transaction and relationship messages" is defined to include e-mails sent with billing statements, e-mails needed to complete a transaction, warranty information, account balance, and similar information.

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