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The Ad Doctors maintains complete postal records on our entire database of over 150 million records. We have the records you need to make your Postal campaign a success. We can target by any number of selects including demographics and geographics as your campaign needs.

Try our Responder Postal Files. We have compiled 20,000,000 records that have previously responded to one of our email marketing campaigns, these people respond well to offers via Direct Mail when sending complimenting/similar offers they have responded to electronically.

Our newest service is our X-Channel Marketing Campaign. We will create an Email Marketing Campaign to your selected targets. Email those records, then send you the Postal record for each person that responded to the Email Campaign allowing you to cross channel market that person. This strategy will dramatically increase your Postal campaign ROI by further targeting potential clients and narrowing the size of the deployment. You get to keep the records we send to grow you/your clients' in-house database.

Imagine having the ability to know which clients physically opened an envelope you sent them for follow up campaigns, obviously you wouldn't resend someone you knew did not open or threw away the marketing piece. With our X-Channel Marketing Service you do but its better as you do not incurr the costs of postage and material creation.

Contact The Ad Doctors Today to see how we can increase your Postal Marketing Campaign ROI!

Mail Post Lists
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